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Vintage Cherry, Poodle, Heart Motif, Lovely Card and Sticker!
All girls love Candy Hearts, Cup Cake, Ice Cream, Lollipop
…and more!!


New Items
Vintage Amscan & Hallmark【ANGEL with CONVERSATION HEARTS】クッキー型 6個セット
Vintage Hallmark & Wilton【ANGEL with HEART VALENTINE "BE MINE"】クッキー型 6個セット
Vintage【HEARTS with EASTER BUNNY,LAMB,BASKET】クッキー型 5個セット
Vintage Wilton & Amscan【I ♥ YOU HEARTS with CAT】クッキー型 4個セット
Vintage【"LOVE" with ANGEL HEART】クッキー型 6個セット
Vintage "PINK SHELL DESIGN SHADE" Gooseneck Lamp
1960-70's "FLORAL & BABY BLUE BOW" Headpiece
1940-50's "FLOWER EMBROIDERED" Cloth Clutch Bag
1950's "PLEATS SHADE×BOW" French Glass Vintage Lamp
1950's "TEARDROP EYE KITTEN" Warmer Lamp
1950-60's Ruffle Shade "DOUBLE DOTS with FLOWER RIBBON" Hobnail Lamp
1940-50's "BLACK KITTEN with BOW" Vintage Card【未使用】
Vintage "ARROW HEART & RIBBON" Brooch
1970's "GRADATION COLOR" Rattan Clutch Bag

1970's "GRADATION COLOR" Rattan Clutch Bag 

[在庫数 1点]
1960's "BLACK×GOLD" Cat Eye Night Mask【ケース付DEAD-STOCK♡】
1950's "LOVE CUFFS" Necklace【台紙付DEAD-STOCK♡】
1950's "SPAGHETTI POODLE" Vintage Lamp

1950's "SPAGHETTI POODLE" Vintage Lamp 

[在庫数 1点]
1980's "WHITE SILK × GOLD" Chain Shoulder Bag
Vintage "BLACK POODLE" Brooch
 Vintage "BLACK & WHITE POODLE FAMILY"  Pink Satin Scarf
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